Welcome to my road2oscp

Hello and welcome to my website!

As you probably can see from the title, I am preparing myself to get the OSCP certification. As I've worked with computers for the better part of my life (I consider myself to be a jack of all trades, master of none in this field), I recently discovered the joy and excitement of hacking computers. Well... I've always been interested in computer security and played with some basic tools for some time. But it somehow always felt out of reach, until now.

On this website I want share with you the road I took to prepare myself and give some insight into my path from script-kiddie to (hopefully) a certified pentester. I will write about some of the courses I found and followed, have some write-ups for Hack The Box and Try Hack Me machines, maybe even write about some home projects.

I hope you will enjoy my content and maybe even learn something from it, as I did from reading many other blogs and tutorials. Because without others out there writing and making video's, I would probably still think that this is all out of reach.

So thank you, to all the content creators and to all the newbies out there: hang in there, you can do it!

Happy hacking!